“Coaching with Meg transcends advice and decision management. It is an investment that pays dividends in terms of cultivating, recognizing, and leveraging the opportunities I really want. I have been able to navigate the obstacles of today while gaining directionality for tomorrow. Meg’s reflective solution-based approach empowers me with the tools I need to assess and execute on my interwoven professional and personal goals.”

~Clean Tech Commodity Analyst Head @ S&P Global

“Meg’s individualized approach was the stabilizing force I really needed to break through the noise. She helped me be present in my life and prepare for a future as my best self. Our sessions feel like storytelling, career development, meditation, and therapy rolled into one. I gained clarity into career and life decisions that I’m very happy with. If you’re experiencing a time of transition, I cannot recommend her enough!”

~Public Health Consultant

“…I had received good career coaching from my university in the past, but this was a completely different level. I’ll be starting my job in development next month! Thank you!”

~Associate @ Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses

“If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or just plain scared, this will help you find your footing and your next steps along the path to your goals.”

~Medical Laboratory Technologist

“With Meg it was a clean slate to discover what is truly valuable to me. She holds great skill in understanding the factors at play when searching for that special mix of career fulfillment and financial stability. She had my best interest in mind and a LOT of perspective on the options out there and the significance of my decisions. I never felt rushed, judged, or persuaded. I accepted my dream job at $10k more annually!”

~Park Ranger @ BLM

“It is so incredible to consider how much my and my girls’ lives have changed from coaching with Meg. I needed to open the locked door where everything I learned abroad could be synthesized into reaching my goals. And it’s happening..!”

~Freelance Web Designer








What is Songgaar?

The Tuvan people believe that we walk backward along our life path. The future, which is not yet seen, is behind us. The past, which we see with clarity, is before us.
[Songgaar] is a future beyond your wildest dreams, and [Burungaar] is the hindsight wisdom that leads you there.

About us

Songgaar was born out of the lack of transition support services available to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Word spread, and we soon discovered that our unique blend of career, academic, and life coaching works great for all types of folx. In 2020 we officially opened our doors to non-Peace Corps clients. 

Songgaar was founded by Meg Mayzelle, and abides by the highest standards of the International Coaching Federation. 

Meg Mayzelle